Loma Linda University Health
Complex General Surgical Oncology Fellowship

Program Director: Mark Reeves, MD, PhD

Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) is a world-renowned non-profit academic medical center serving the inland empire of Southern California and surrounding area since 1905. The Loma Linda University Cancer Center (LLUCC) is a Commission on Cancer accredited cancer program and a tertiary and quaternary referral center. LLUCC physicians treat complex and challenging neoplasms, integrating clinical research and state of the art cancer care customized to an individual patient’s needs. In addition, LLUCC researchers have revolutionized cancer care in several areas benefiting hundreds of thousands of patients. Innovation, research and compassionate delivery of care with emphasis on whole person care that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a patient have led to LLUH’s recognition as a leader in the field of cancer care.

The combination of compassionate physicians dedicated to cancer care, education, innovation and research and an institution that strives to improve all aspects of patient care, training and research makes it an ideal setting for educating surgeons interested in pursuing further training in cancer surgery. The core faculty members of the Complex General Surgical Oncology fellowship at LLUH are respected educators in their fields of specialty for many years, and have proven track records for their commitment to education, research and mentoring. The fellowship is designed to provide training, skills and knowledge for the fellows to become expert surgical oncologists with strong research backgrounds. The Complex General Surgical Oncology fellowship at LLUH complements the training programs in Medical and Radiation Oncology.